igor verstovsek uradna5
13. January 2020

Leadership in a time of general acceleration

Leadership in a time of general acceleration

Ana Struna Bregar
3. December 2019

We want to be sustainable, or do we?

We want to be sustainable, or do we?

4. November 2019

We are better prepared for the potential crisis

We are better prepared for the potential crisis

Sasa Mrak in Ludger Ramme
7. October 2019

Leaders on Plan(et) B

Leaders on Plan(et) B

Mrak Zalaznik3
5. September 2019

The responsibility of five generations for breakthrough

The responsibility of five generations for breakthrough

Medeja Loncar3
7. August 2019

Don't sell the future for short-term profit

Don't sell the future for short-term profit

foto berlocnik
1. July 2019

Leaders of future

Leaders of future

Dejan Turk6
3. June 2019

Cultural transformation for a digital tomorrow

Cultural transformation for a digital tomorrow

30. May 2019

"The Managers' Association of Slovenia is a key cog in the engine pushing the economy forward"

"The Managers' Association of Slovenia is a key cog in the engine pushing the economy forward"

andrijana bergant5
8. May 2019

Ethics at work

Ethics at work

sasa mrak3
2. April 2019

The 30th anniversary of the Managers' Association of Slovenia is near

The 30th anniversary of the Managers' Association of Slovenia is near

Viviana Zorz Adecco3
4. March 2019

Slovenia ranked 29th in the race for personnel

Slovenia ranked 29th in the race for personnel

vanja hrovat generali3
6. February 2019

Let's gather our courage and step out of our comfort zone

Let's gather our courage and step out of our comfort zone

filip remskar uradna
9. January 2019

Growth: Everything starts with a WHY

Growth: Everything starts with a WHY

peter cas steklarna hrastnik4
11. December 2018

Success is based on employees

Success is based on employees

anja svetina nabergoj2
7. November 2018

The Culture of Learning from One's Mistakes

Innovation does not just happen. It requires stepping out of the comfort zone into the zone of the unknown and risky. Besides, to achieve successful innovation in a company, it is necessary to introduce playfulness and greater freedom, and allow the employees to continue to search for new solutions even if they fail at first. Encouraging learning from one's mistakes is something that, in my opinion, is the most difficult to change, since people are ashamed and hiding from each other their lack of knowledge or failure. I believe in the power of empathy and in-depth understanding of the user for successful development and implementation of innovation also in Slovenia.

3. October 2018

Local, global, unique

The area of tourism and hotel industry has bloomed incredibly over the last 40 years. The last decade has witnessed the digitalisation of business and communication processes, with global shifts in the travelling patterns due to less expensive means of transport and with the appearance of new global tourist and marketing platforms, also based on the so-called sharing economy. The essence of the hotel business nevertheless remains the same, namely hospitality and focus on the guest and their unique experience.

5. September 2018

Stuck in an unenviable average

On the scale of the Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI), Slovenia has always moved between the 25th and 28th place, showing that its position has been more or less the same. A strong Slovenia's point is that there are few areas where it is weak. It has an attractive image as regards the quality of life, but it can be further improved. On the other hand, Slovenia has such tax and social system that it is expensive to bring people into the country.

Vita Vukotic
3. July 2018

Perspective is everything

It crossed my mind “How nice it is to be a member of the Managers’ Association!” I am leaving ABC Accelerator, where I attended the first event Elephant in the room, full of impressions, new knowledge and new acquaintances with interesting people. Before I became a member of the Managers’ Association, I was their outside observer. But as is usually the case, things sometimes look completely different when you look at them from the other side and connect or get familiar with them. It is the matter of perspective.

Aleksander Zalaznik splet
5. June 2018

(New) management tests

We are in a period of economic growth and positive challenges that we face working as managers. The economic growth compared to the pre-2008 period is based, among other, on the entrepreneurial and managerial capacity of Slovenians, which has gained new momentum in recent years. We are happy about the climb in the IMD competitiveness ranking published recently, but we are still to face crucial moments which will decide on the direction in which Slovenia will go next. Yes, the elections.

7. May 2018

Only limitations are those we set up in our own minds

Good leaders are rare. I have often heard and read that one can learn how to be a leader and many also try to. Myself, I believe that a leader is born, not made.

Sasa Mrak pokoncna
10. April 2018

Management without borders

“Why disruption of our own business model? Because we want to be part of change creators not followers,” says Jarmila Plachá, Director of the Czech Škoda DigiLab, which is turning digital transformation to Škoda’s advantage. Since mid-2016 when this car giant started to create via a common platform something that a number of other companies are still preparing for, i.e. an actual transformation, as they conquer the world by their holdings in Israel, Germany and China. From the Czech Republic, of course. Why did Foxconn, the largest manufacturer of electronics, which employs as much as 1.3 billion people all over the world, establish Foxconn DRC – Design & Research Center in Prague?

NAC 1438
6. March 2018

International Section with new president

At its January meeting in connection with the Annual Reception, the Board of Managers' Association of Slovenia entrusted me with the task of running the International Section. In the wake of Maria Anselmi, who led the section with great success for a long time, it will certainly not be easy to set new accents. I am happy to face this challenge and ask all managers to support me in this.

Nova izvrsna direktorica Zdruzenja manager Sasa Mrak3
7. February 2018

Either we are even better together or we are not better at all

When my appointment to this position was approved, my friends and those who know me a little better asked me why I was interested in this challenge. I have a keen interest in establishing connections and searching for synergies. This can be quite a challenge in Slovenia, but we have always managed to make something good out of it.

FOTO Iztok portretna 7
7. November 2017

Slovenia as a Laboratory of Green Mobile Future

We are in the midst of an extraordinary transition from carbon-based economy and a society based on the assumption of limitless availability of natural resources and endless accumulation of material wealth, and on individualism, to a sustainable carbon-free society of the future based on renewable sources, respect for dissimilarity and excellence of mutual relations and our close mutual connections.

Robert Trnovec 5
29. August 2017

Digital transformation and freedom "for"

Digital technology already provides extraordinary ways of connecting. Cooperation at personal level, within organisations or between organisations has been freed from old, clumsy and time-consuming operations.

Opera Verdi foto Andraz Kobe
5. June 2017

Managers support Verdi managers

Ten years since the first Managers' Association dance, the Association for the first year organised the gala evening event at the Slovenian National Theatre Opera and Ballet Ljubljana.

Znacke ZM
5. June 2017

The Managers' Association has new Vice-Presidents

We got them: new Vice-Presidents of the Managers' Association.

Mladi slovenski managerji 700 394
5. June 2017

Young Slovenian managers at renowned business schools

With the new management, the Young Managers Section also changed the purpose of the scholarship fund, which for 10 years granted scholarships to young foreign post-graduate students studying in Slovenia.

Slovenske Managerke na WEF
8. May 2017

The Managers' Association of Slovenia going to India to attend the Women Economic Forum Item

The international network ALL Ladies League (ALL), which connects more than 40,000 women all over the world is opening one of the women conferences on 8 May in New Delhi, called Women Economic Forum.

Joze Mermal700 x 525
24. April 2017

This year’s title of the Honorary Citizen of the City of Ljubljana goes to Jože Mermal

Jože Mermal, who was proposed to the Municipality of Ljubljana (MOL) by the Managers' Association of Slovenia, based on a thorough justification of his extraordinary achievements, became this year's Honorary Citizen of the City of Ljubljana.

spoznavno srecanje Ales Mizigoj
14. April 2017

There is no progress without an occasional stumble

At the introductory meeting for new members on 14 April, we also talked with the special guests Aleš and Aleša Mižigoj.

G7 rim
11. April 2017

The Managers' Association invited to the G7 Women Forum in Rome

On 7 and 8 April the international forum Inequality and Sustainable Growth: Starting from Girls took place in Rome under the auspices of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. Italy, presiding G7, organised the event so that at the coming summit in Rome the G7 leaders would be able to treat the proposals related primarily to the position of women.

Mentorska mreza
6. April 2017

Introductory meeting of mentorship pairs of the third generation

Wednesday, 5 April, saw the first meeting of the third generation of women managers participating in the mentorship programme Mentorship Network.

working meeting
5. April 2017

A working meeting with the Minister of the Economy and the Ambassador

At the initiative of the International Section, on Tuesday, 4 April, the working meeting "Come together", hosted by the Italian Ambassador to Slovenia Paolo Trichilo, took place.