Jubilee 50th issue of MQ Summer Reading Magazine


naslovnica MQ55

In it, read in Slovene:
- Being more than great. Exclusive interview of Petra Juvančič with Nikolaus S. Lang, Boston Consulting Group.
- Andrej Božič: Dialogue, inclusion, integration, sustainable principles.
- Everything is always fine with the team, but not with the leader. Interview with the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award Igor Mervič.
- Longevity before short-term profits. Interview with the young manager of the year 2021 Miha Senčar, Tenzor.
- A good player is one who makes a teammate better. Interview with Artemida 2021 Anita Stojčevska, SKB Bank.
- Big resignation: how to be a good boss in bad times. Written by Zvezdana Lubej and Dejan Gruban.
- Development spiral of Slovenian companies. Written by Viloleta Bulc, Sonja Klopčič and Martina Puc.
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