Being a part of Slovenia’s largest managers’ association

We are the central point for more than 1200 Slovenian managers and the entry point to a network connecting more than a million European managers. We are a meeting point for more than 1600 participants attending our annual events and the creators of the largest knowledge base in the area of management. We are the public representatives of Slovenian management and a credible partner in public discussions. We are the promoters of ethical and responsible management as well as mentors of future leaders.

Why become a member?
o clanih povezovanje


Networking and connecting to more than 1200 Slovenian managers.

o clanih znanje


Access to the largest database of knowledge in the area of management.

o clanih vpliv


The possibility to help shape the Slovenian legislation and business environment.

o clanih uspeh


Being a part of the most renowned and influential Slovenian managers’ association.

o clanih razvoj


Developing talents and opportunities for success.

o clanih informacije


Latest news from the world of management.

Terms and conditions of membership

The members of the Managers’ Association of Slovenia are leaders who:

  • want to upgrade their leadership knowledge and further develop their management skills,
  • they agree with the Code of Ethics of the Managers’ Association of Slovenia,
  • wish to expand their network of business contacts and relationships,
  • by paying a membership fee they are supporting and actively shaping the business standards and views of the Slovenian management on current socio-economic topics
Members about the association

Danilo Ferjančič

There are permanent features that do not change overtime: people! It is still true that business is made up of people, and it is only by bringing together positive people with good intentions that great results are achieved. In the past few years we have heard a lot about what “will not work” in Slovenia. Now it’s time to show what “will work” - in a positive, fair and responsible way! Here is where the Managers’ Association of Slovenia comes in.

Vojko Čok

The Managers’ Association of Slovenia as a professional association is committed to encouraging its members towards continuing education and training, and foremost towards the responsible management of their companies and having a responsible relationship to the environment at large. Only successful and well-respected members ensure the Association’s influence and good name stay intact.

Jože Mermal

The Managers’ Association of Slovenia is a strong professional association that has proven to have excellent professional organizational skills and has been actively involved in current affairs during the last few years.

Violeta Bulc

The more connected we are, the greater the freedom and possibility to see further and adjust faster.