About the Association

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Every day provides us with the opportunity to become an improved version of ourselves.

Connecting more than 1200 Slovenian managers and supporting the development of management in Slovenia for more than 30 years. By actively participating in shaping the economic environment in Slovenia we are co-creating the growth of competitiveness in the Slovenian economy and thereby helping to shape the Slovenian society.

With our activities:

  • we are contributing to the development of management in Slovenia,
  • we are contributing to the success of the Slovenian economy, the development and prosperity of the country and its citizens,
  • we are helping to shape professional standards for managers,
  • we are giving Slovenian managers the opportunity to connect, socialize and network,
  • we are improving the reputation of the profession in the public eye,
  • we are encouraging the respect of business ethics amongst managers,
  • we are connecting Slovenia's management with similar organizations domestically and abroad.


Our mission “Responsible leadership and professional management for joint progress” directs our every step.

For professional and responsible management in Slovenia

Our main goal is to encourage Slovenian management to act ethically This is why members are obliged to act according to the Code of Ethics of the Managers’ Association of Slovenia, and ethical management in Slovenia is also being developed with different manuals on leadership and management.

We are supporting the professional development of management in Slovenia. This is why every year we organize more than 20 professional events and publish professional publications, and also why we are building the largest knowledge base in the area of management, conducting strategic development projects and acknowledging the best amongst us.

Networking, knowledge and information in one place

Time is precious. That is why the Managers’ Association of Slovenia pays special attention to providing our members a unique point of reference for:

  • professional knowledge in the area of management;
  • opportunities to network;
  • every-day information needed for Slovenian managers to do their jobs,
  • connections to similar organisations at home and abroad,
  • best domestic and foreign management practices.

The voice of Slovenian management in public

In the name of Slovenian management we are taking part in public discussions. We are involved in actively forming a supportive environment and conditions that will enable the function and growth of competitiveness in the Slovenian economy.

We share the initiatives, proposals and views of Slovenian managers with organizations responsible for creating competitive conditions for the functioning of economic branches.

We are taking part in public discussions with the media on topics dealing with Slovenian management and the economic environment in Slovenia.