Slovenian management enters 2021 with a thorough development document


Medeja Loncar16

MAS has placed sustainable leadership, networking, and cooperation, as well as social progress and prosperity among the central program guidelines for 2021. The revival of the Slovenian economy can be based on the action plan for higher productivity growth in Slovenia.

"We want to offer strong support to managers of companies and organizations in their professional development and thus contribute to the progress of Slovenian management, competitiveness, and success of Slovenia. Just as a good leader in his company adapts all activities to support the set goals, the association will also raise awareness and strengthen knowledge and skills for management excellence, promote good management practices and examples of sustainable leadership. We will expand international integration and continue to actively connect with key stakeholders for the creation of a stimulating economic environment and greater prosperity in society," said Medeja Lončar, President of the Managers' Association of Slovenia.

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