The recipe for success from the MQ conference: More ambition, simplicity and a clear vision


At the exceptional June MQ conference with 17 excellent guests and 140 participants on the idyllic Račji otok at Brdo pri Kranju, we learned:
"If leaders find the right balance between 'what' (processes, structures) and 'how' (culture and values), profit will also come as a result, not as a goal." Andrej Božič
"Life is complex, so it's important that managers' communication is simple, direct, not offensive." Igor Mervič
"We need leaders who are brutally simple in this increasingly complex world." Dejan Verčič
"In Slovenia, we have enough knowledge for global stories, but it's more a matter of ambition - whether we want to create them." Matej Košmrlj
"The organization is a mirror of leaders." Timm Urschinger
"It's important to create an environment where we give people space and the opportunity to be the best version of themselves." Paulina Pazio

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