Marko Lukić: With the potential of employees, only the sky is the limit


"It's a pleasure to see what can be created with people, co-workers, if you know how to lead them. Only now have we started to unlock the real potential of the company and now only the sky is the limit," said Marko Lukić, director of Lumar, at the latest MQ Training at the Slovenian Digital Centre.

Last year Lumar's success story has also been co-created by business director Matjaž Merkan, with whom the company has appointed T.I.S.T.O., which defines and directs them. These are the values: Sustainability (Trajnost), Innovation (Inovativnost), Passion (Strast), Teamwork (Timsko delo), Responsibility (Odgovornost).

Amadea Dobovišek, director of the consulting company Publi Una, added a piece to the mosaic of excellent MQ Training, emphasizing the importance of implementing a business strategy and clearly explaining: strategy is the right decision, and implementation is the right action.

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