Our knowledge unites us. Our experiences enrich us. Our ambition drives us.

Enabling networking. Creating business relationships. Connecting individuals into a whole.

The Managers’ Association of Slovenia is the meeting point for more than one thousand of the most successful Slovenian managers. We are a business center that brings together unique and priceless stories, experience and knowledge from the economic environment. We are a trustee, committed to handing over this know-how to future generations of leaders.

One of the key activities of the Managers’ Association of Slovenia are events. By organizing professional, educational and social meetings we are fulfilling our main mission “Reaching joint progress through responsible leadership and professional management.” By organizing these types of events we are creating opportunities for connecting individuals that are shaping the Slovenian economy on a professional level.

We organize more than 20 events per year. We have more than 1600 people participating and building relationships during those events. You are welcome to join us.

Highest attendance

The January Gathering

30 January 2020, Ljubljana

Competitiveness, innovation and the path to development agreement

Outlook 2020

December 4, 2019, Ljubljana

The year's main event for managers in Slovenia

Management Congress 2019

September 26 and 27, 2019

Outlook 2019

6 December 2018, Ljubljana

The year’s main event for managers

Management Congress

Innovative Leadership

MQ Conference


Come Together

The top international economic event


The main meeting of managers in Slovenia

Management Congress 2020

 September 24 and 24, 2020, Portorož

More on other events here (in Slovene).