A new MQ magazine is out


MQ49 naslovnica4

In the new, 49th issue of MQ magazine read:
- exclusive interview of Petra Juvančič, MAS Executive Director, with Mark Cuban: You have an exceptional entrepreneurial spirit in Slovenia;
- conversation with the Manager of the Year 2021 Adrian Ježina, President of the Management Board of Telemach;
- interview with Anja Božac, member of the Management Board of Addiko Bank, recipient of the Include.All Award 2021: Bank of atypical bankers;
- article on long distance work: Privilege or curs?;
- success stories of Slovenian young start-ups: Slovenian breakthroughs are winning over customers all over the world;
- an article on how to increase productivity through diversity;
and much more.

Everything in Slovenian.