We are driven by a common goal. Our differences unite us.

There are two sections of interest within the Managers’ Association of Slovenia.

  • Female Managers' Section: For the development of female management.
  • Young Managers' Section: For the development and recognition of young managers.
Action Plan

Greater productivity for greater prosperity

Research group under the auspices of the MAS Observatory, our think-tank, led by prof. dr. Dušan Mramor, in cooperation with the Faculty of Economics of the University of Ljubljana and the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, has prepared an action plan for higher productivity growth, a set of measures in various areas of the society. Its main goal is greater prosperity and further improvement of living standards in Slovenia.

The action plan was presented to the public at the 2020 Management Congress, which took place on 24 and 25 September 2020 in Portorož.

The action plan is primarily intended to discuss and agree on how and with what measures can we ensure a successful and developed country with a stable political and legal system, good infrastructure, financially sustainable and affordable health care, solid pensions, good research and education.

An action plan for higher productivity growth (working translation)

Strategic topics

Three key professional topics

Every year the Managers’ Association of Slovenia focuses on three key professional topics that receive extra attention. In 2021 the strategic goals are: connecting and grouping, sustainable leadership and social progress and prosperity.

Connecting and grouping 

By connecting and grouping we want to take manager-networking to the level where it helps them create new business, increases transfer of good practice and helps them solve challenges they are faced with.  

Connecting and grouping is the basis for successful cooperation between companies, between companies and the government and between economic organizations.

The key goals we will pursue are:

  • Greater openness for more cooperation with new ways of connecting
  • Active co-creation of a supportive environment for a competitive economy and the development of human capital
  • Expanding international cooperation

Sustainable Leadership

Sustainable Leadership will address the biggest challenge managers currently face - sustainability, including its economic, environmental and social dimensions and the associated so-called 5Ps (People, Planet, Profit, Purpose, Prosperity).

We recognize that sustainable leadership is no longer a choice, but a necessity. Aware that companies without a sustainable agenda will not exist in the future, we will raise awareness and strengthen the knowledge and skills of managers and share good management practices and examples of sustainable leadership.

The key goals we will pursue are:

  • Raising awareness and strengthening knowledge and skills for management excellence
  • Promoting good management practices and examples of sustainable leadership
  • Professional, responsible, enlightened management

Social progress and prosperity

Within the social progress and prosperity, we want to increase the awareness of interdependence and responsibility, to promote not only the knowledge about management but also about macro-environment and society.

With the establishment of the Observatory of MAS and with enhanced activities in the field of ethics, we want to contribute to a better society. We want to further strengthen the presence of the MAS in the field of planned economic activities in Slovenia, since several ministries have already recognized the association over the past year as an important interlocutor on economic topics and planning of economic activities.

The key goals we will pursue are:

  • Cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology and involvement in the Council for a competitive and stable economic environment
  • Cooperation with the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities (taxes, labor market, gender balance in managers positions)
  • Continuing the project of the Observatory of MAS and ideas of enlightened management, dialogue and understanding of economic policy and the challenges of society (demographic projections, economic movements, rule of law)
  • Manners
  • Ethics

We are following the example of the vigorous. We award those who stand out. We support those with potential.

The Managers’ Association of Slovenia presents annual awards to show support and respect to successful and vigorous managerial practices, individuals and companies. Great attention is given to their promotion and public recognition, since we believe that by setting examples we are making an important contribution to developing future leaders.

The awards given are:

  • Manager of the Year
  • The Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Young Manager of the Year
  • Include.All
  • Artemida
  • Best Business Book
  • Scholarship Fund

We are making friends and building partnerships.

The whole is stronger if the connection between its individual parts is firm. The business world is a world of partnerships. The Managers’ Association of Slovenia is very open to collaboration. Therefore, in order to develop a professional and ethical management and build a competitive economy, we are joining our powers, ideas and energy with other individuals and organisations with common goals and ambitions.

CEC - European Confederation of Managers

In 2000 the Managers’ Association of Slovenia was the first managers’ organization of the countries in transition to join the European Confederation of Managers.

CEC European Managers is the umbrella organisation of national managers’ associations of the countries which are members of the EU, bringing together more than a million managers across Europe. It is a recognized social partner of the European Commission. As an independent and autonomous voice of managers, the organisation is advocating the interests of European management. The Managers’ Association of Slovenia represents Slovenian managers in the larger European area, striving to introduce the initiatives and ideas of the European management into the Slovenian environment.

More on the CEC European Managers organisation can be found here.


The basic documents of the Managers’ Association of Slovenia are the most important papers of our organisation.

Code of Ethics of the Managers’ Association of Slovenia

The decisions taken and the type of management used by managers are key factors in the efficiency of sustainable development of a company. The participants that are building the business ecosystem often have conflicting interests. Therefore it is of extreme importance that those in charge of managing those organisations act by using the principle of “bonum commune”: the right to manage and direct capital should only be in the hands of those working for the common good.

The purpose of this code is to offer guidelines for Slovenian management concerning ethical decision making when faced with the conflicting interests of different participants. It includes ten principles regulating four relational areas: relationship to oneself, relationship to other individuals, relationship to society as a whole, relationship to the natural environment and two levels of ethics: an ethical relationship between an individual and the company and an ethical relationship between the company, the country and society. The code includes all legal aspects (is in compliance with the existing legislation), aspects of justice (even when not defined by the legislation), dependability on the social environment, sustainable development (considering future generations) and responsible coexistence (looking at the company and the organization as a whole).

By becoming a member of the Managers’ Association of Slovenia you agree to respect and follow the guidelines within the Code.