International Section with new president

NAC 1439

At its January meeting in connection with the Annual Reception, the Board of Managers' Association of Slovenia entrusted me with the task of running the International Section. In the wake of Maria Anselmi, who led the section with great success for a long time, it will certainly not be easy to set new accents. I am happy to face this challenge and ask all managers to support me in this.

Especially in these months, the economic data for the year 2017 shows us the importance of the international integration of Slovenia. As a country heavily dependent on exports and located in the center of Europe, personal cross-border connections are substantially important for economic success. Here I would like to start with the program of the International Section and support this international networking. The section is rigthly named “International” and not “Foreign”. This means that the internationally experienced Slovenian managers are also invited to support cross-border communication and bring their expertise to bear. Foreign and Slovenian managers with an international background should find a contact point for questions with an international background as well as for the exchange of ideas in the International Section. Part of this is the continuation of well-established talks with ambassadors in Slovenia.

At the same time, the International  Section is aware that quick integration into the economic life is necessary, especially for foreign managers who come to Slovenia only for a limited time, . This also means that they must very quickly understand Slovenia in its open and hidden structures. To address this issue we want to start to combine information and network management and promote integration.

I believe that  together we can achieve greater international connectivity and expand the reputation of the MAS. 


Wolfgang Zeike, Head of Strategic Sales bei Rodex d.o.o. and President of the International Section of MAS