The highest attendance of the members of the Managers’ Association of Slovenia

When? 25 January 2022, at 6 PM

Where? Grand Hotel Union in Ljubljana

The January Gathering is the first annual meeting of members of the Managers' Association of Slovenia, which is also attended by the highest political representatives, ministers, representatives of parliamentary parties, heads of parliamentary groups and ambassadors. The broad-based event represents the symbolic start of the new economic year, and is therefore imbued with optimism, new ideas, enthusiasm and expectations.

The guest of honor and keynote speaker at the event will be the President of the Republic of Slovenia, Nataša Pirc Musar.

The January Gathering is also one of the most celebratory meetings of the association, as we pay tribute and respect to those individuals who leave a unique mark in the Slovenian business community. As part of the event, we award the Lifetime Achievement Award, the Young Manager of the Year Award and the Artemida Award.

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