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The main meeting of managers in Slovenia

When? September 26 and 27, 2019

Where? GH Bernardin, Portorož

The Management Congress is the main annual event organised by the Managers' Association of Slovenia, attended by more than 350 Slovenian managers each year.

Management Congress is a unique space for critically and pervasively approaching the key challenges and opportunities that create the image of a modern business environment. It introduces foreign professional experience, considerations and findings into the Slovenian environment. It encourages thinking about the future of Slovenian management and the economy as a whole through varied and dynamic discussions. It takes the incentive for a broad social debate on the type of country we would like to live in and the role we as individuals or communities are willing to take on in order to shape the future of Slovenia. It creates incentives and proposes concrete measures for shaping the business environment, which will ensure sustainable progress and prosperity of the environment we operate in.

The two-day congress, which traditionally takes place in Portorož, is therefore one of the most renowned and important business meetings in Slovenia. Participants can choose from a wide array of lectures on selected current professional topics. It is a festive event with the most prestigious management award Manager of the Year and the Include.All award. Meeting of all key managers in one place makes the Management Congress a unique opportunity for socialising and business networking.

Management Congress is an event that every manager who responsibly accepts the role that he or she plays within his or her organisation as well as in the wider social sphere must attend.

The ambition of development and growth –

how to achieve a breakthrough in Slovenia?

Managers of the future – Who are the Future Leaders who know how to generate business and at the same time create an environment where the best personnel come from? What does the #ManagersforFuture CEC initiative mean?
What do uncertain times bring, and what do you, as a manager, need to know about the situation in international and local markets?
Not only companies but also countries are competing. Slovenia’s breakthrough – how should everyone take responsibility for their work to succeed? Why did we propose a development agreement?
And why 3P? People, Planet, Profit. Because there is no Planet B. In the light of digitalisation, artificial intelligence and green technology, this raises new issues in the competitive race.

3P – People, Planet, Profit

It is no coincidence that the Management Congress will focus on the development breakthrough, also taking climate change into account. Triple bottom line or 3P – People, Planet, Profit and the question of the development agreement. In the meantime, the UN is holding a summit on climate change, the largest climate protest is in the pipeline, the EIB Bank intends to abandon fossil fuel financing, the climate is more important to Britain than Brexit, and we are expecting a debate on Climate and Energy Roadmap in Slovenia. 

What does the Triple Bottom Line mean? To do business by adhering to three principles: financial responsibility, social responsibility, and environmental responsibility. It is nothing new – we have known it since the 1980s. But why is it so difficult for companies to master it?

By the way, 29 July is the day of ecological debt, which is the day when, according to the calculations of the Global Footprint Network, humanity has consumed as much natural resources as Earth can produce or restore in one year. Slovenia had already used its resources by 27 April. #EarthOvershootDay

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