naslovnica Outlook2019
Outlook 2019 is a new project of the Managers' Association of Slovenia which was presented at the event on 6 December 2018 at the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana.

The Outlook 2019 publication highlights:

future economic development scenarios considering the given demographic projections;
the role of enlightened management in strengthening and long-term preservation of social welfare;
the importance of a state governed by the rule of law in international competitiveness.

All of these aspects are connected to good practice in management in Slovenia, which the Managers’ Association systematically monitors through its members and then raises the awareness of such practice amongst the public.

The mission of the new project of the Managers’ Association is to evaluate the economic situation and policies and thus enable a constructive dialogue and decision-making for the material welfare of Slovenia by increasing competitiveness and productivity, with a focus on sustainability and social responsibility.

"The 30th anniversary of the Managers’ Association is coming up. We are approaching it in a situation where populism is more and more evident, and narrow interests lacking consideration for the broader context are too frequently represented. Therefore, on the verge of great global uncertainty and the cooling down of the economy, and faced with the question of how to ensure social welfare in the future, we wish to provide management and society with Outlook."

Saša Mrak, Executive Director of the Managers’ Association

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