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The main meeting of managers in Slovenia

When? 24 and 25 September 2020

Where? GH Bernardin, Portorož

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Vanja Hrovat, CEO of insuance company Generali

"We have faced crisis situations in the past, but the latest crisis is an unprecedented event. It has had a major impact on one of our greatest values ​​– health. Its economic consequences, which we initially predicted, are already materializing. Nevertheless, I am convinced that positive business can be maintained - if it is sustainable and if the environment in which we operate recognizes us as its true partner."

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Adrian Ježina, CEO of Telemach

"If anyone had not been aware of the paramount importance of telecommunications so far, they no doubt came to this realization during the coronavirus disease pandemic. Without telecommunications, society would have fully stopped during complete closure, but with them, the world was normally spinning forward."

Management Congress is one of the two main yearly events of Managers' Association of Slovenia, which was attended by more than 450 Slovenian managers in 2019.

We are doing everything in our power that Management Congress 2020 happens live in Portorož, but we will adapt according to the situation regarding covid-19.

The Management Congress is a unique space that critically and in depth addresses the key challenges and opportunities that create the image of a modern business environment. It brings professional experience, reflections, and insights from abroad. In varied and dynamic discussions, it encourages reflection on the future steps of the Slovenian management and the economy as a whole. It takes the initiative for broad social debates about what kind of country we want to live in and what role we as individuals or a community are willing to take on in shaping the future of Slovenia. It creates initiatives and proposes concrete measures for the creation of a business environment that will ensure long-term progress and prosperity.

The two-day event, which traditionally takes place in Portorož, is therefore one of the most resounding and important business meetings in Slovenia. It serves the participants with a diverse selection of lectures on current professional content. It is a solemn moment when we present the most prestigious managerial award Manager of the Year and the Include.All (Vkjuči.Vse) award. With a meeting of all key managers in one place, the Management Congress is also a unique opportunity for socializing and business networking.

The Management Congress is an event that is a must for every manager who responsibly accepts the role he plays both within his organization and in the society.

This year's congress will focus on the world during and after covid-19, challenges and, above all, opportunities that we must seize together to strengthen the resilience of companies to new crises and to chart the direction of economic growth and development and social welfare. In doing so, we will focus on three main themes: people; new business models alongside even faster digitization, new technologies and sustainable leadership; and new strategic activities and changed conditions.

This year's Management Congress will be held under the slogan: THE FUTURE OF HEALTHY GROWTH.

Traditionally, the congress is also an opportunity to strengthen cooperation between the political leadership and Slovenian managers. We want to continue the constructive dialogue, as we believe that it is crucial for a more productive, more competitive and sustainable Slovenia, for a country of prosperity, development, and opportunities for its people.

We are closely monitoring the situation regarding covid-19 – we will announce the congress's final form in due time. Of course, we want to meet live on 24 and 25 September in Grand Hotel Bernardin in Portorož, but if ever, this year we learned how important flexibility is. No matter where we meet, we believe that you will be impressed by the exceptional content, top experts, and great company.

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