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The main event of managers in Slovenia

When? September 29 and 30, 2022
Where? GH Bernardin, Portorož

The Management Congress is the largest business management event in Slovenia, where we will once again address current challenges in society together with foreign and domestic experts from various fields.

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The Management Congress is a unique space that critically and in depth addresses the key challenges and opportunities that create the image of a modern business environment. It brings professional experience, reflections, and insights from abroad. In varied and dynamic discussions, it encourages reflection on the future steps of the Slovenian management and the economy as a whole. It takes the initiative for broad social debates about what kind of country we want to live in and what role we as individuals or a community are willing to take on in shaping the future of Slovenia. It creates initiatives and proposes concrete measures for the creation of a business environment that will ensure long-term progress and prosperity.

The last few years have been particularly marked by shocks, which is why adaptability is practically a constant for companies and the economy on a global level and in Slovenia. Factors resulting from pandemics, war and other geostrategic challenges are something we all have to deal with. In Slovenia, we will also respond to them with the new government.

With the program of the congress, we will shed light on Slovenia's path in the coming years, both with the help of a comprehensive review of the main development challenges and proposals for measures for greater prosperity. We will put the measures from our action plan at the center of the planned dialogue of the Economic Circle with the new Government of the Republic of Slovenia. We will also place Slovenian development challenges in the broader context of social reality on a European and global scale.

If Thursday's congress program will focus on the role of economy and management in the wider social context, on Friday we will map this context to the level of management of companies and organizations. We will look for answers to the key questions a manager, a sustainable leader, faces on a daily basis.

The two-day event, which traditionally takes place in Portorož, is therefore one of the most resounding and important business meetings in Slovenia. It serves the participants with a diverse selection of lectures on current professional content. It is a solemn moment when we present the most prestigious managerial award Manager of the Year and the Include.All (Vkjuči.Vse) award. With a meeting of all key managers in one place, the Management Congress is also a unique opportunity for socializing and business networking.

We will host Nikolaus S. Lang and Roberto Kutić on the stage of the Management Congress 2022. The latter is the co-founder and operational director of Infobip, which in 2020 became the first Croatian unicorn. Lang is one of the senior partners at the Boston Consulting Group and co-author of the book Beyond Great, which describes how the world has been transformed by social tensions, economic nationalism and technological revolution. Find out more about him in an interview for the MQ portal (in Slovenian).

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The Management Congress is an event that is a must for every manager who responsibly accepts the role he plays both within his organization and in the society.

Programme - DAY 1



Responsibility to people: Responsible manager – management with a mission and sustainable leadership

Guest: Miha Senčar, young manager of the year 2021, hosted by: Daniela Bervar Kotolenko

Responsibility to clients: What will be the significance of an excellent customer experience and a truly satisfied client in the future 

Guest: Uroš Šuštar, Telemach, hosted by: Aleksandra Brank

Responsibility to diversity: Why diversity and inclusion enrich teams and enable growth

Guest: Breda Kodba, Mikro+Polo, hosted by: Barbara Zupančič, Diversity Charter Slovenia

Responsible and honest discussion about the effects of sustainable operations: Is sustainability merely a short-term interest or a long-term commitment

Hosted by: Alenka Hren, Head of the Strategic sustainable and circular transformation of companies national programme, SPIRIT Slovenia, hosted by: Špela Zakotnik

Responsibility to employees and the environment: Ensuring compliance with the ESG criteria and employee productivity

Guest: Michal Maco, Country Manager Slovenia at Corwin; hosted by: Petra Kovič

Responsible 'data driven' decision making

Hosted by: Rok Pirnat, Director of B2 BI

Responsibility to sustainability and lifelong learning: We are all ambassadors of perseverance/sustainability 

Hosted by: Tatjana Kolenc, Matic Kadliček, Vesna Kuralt, and Barbara Krajnc




Welcome address by the President of the Managers’ Association (ZM), Andrej Božič 

Address by Matjaž Han, Minister of Economic Development and Technology

The hostess of the first day of the Congress is Petra Juvančič, Executive Director of ZM

Geopolitics and the global situation

Dr Nikolaus S. Lang, Managing Director, Senior Partner and Global Leader for Global Advantage Practice, Boston Consulting Group 


The Dun & Bradstreet analysis: In what shape is the Slovenian economy and what shocks can still be expected? What are the forecasts for the end of 2022?

Srečko Devjak, Dun & Bradstreet


Path to digital and green transformation

Edwin DienderChief Innovation Officer, Global Energy Business Unit, Enterprise Business Group at Huawei Technologies


Economy and politics: Joint responsibility for Slovenia’s developmental breakthrough

The round table hosted by Maja Zalaznik from the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana will be attended by:

 Matjaž Han, Minister of Economic Development and Technology,
 Klemen Boštjančič, Minister of Finance,
 Alenka Bratušek, State Secretary at the Ministry of Infrastructure,
 Andrej Božič, President of the ZM,
 Tibor Šimonka, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia,
 Blaž Brodnjak, President of AmCham Slovenia,
 Tjaša Redek, Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana.





As an introduction to the gala evening, we will host Milanka Lange Lipovec, the first Slovenian woman to sail around the world, who had no previous experience in sailing before this adventure of a lifetime. She spent 13 years with her partner on an 8-metre catamaran named Vakuta. She will be interviewed by Petra Kovič, Editor in Chief of the Svet kapitala publication.

The interview will be followed by the award ceremony, with which the Managers’ Association celebrates good practices of managers and leaders. The winners represent a beacon directing the development path of future generations. They are the building blocks of our image and reputation in the public eye and the heralds of our commitments and values.

The Vključi.Vse 2022 Award will go the company that strives for diverse and balanced leadership.
We will also confer the traditional Manager of the Year 2022 Award, which was upgraded with the sustainable leadership indicators last year.


Programme - DAY 2

Neuroscience of cooperation: How to form well-functioning teams

Dr Nikolaos Dimitriadis, Head of neuro consulting services at Optimal HR Group and lecturer at the Centre of Business Excellence of the Faculty of Economics


Impact of emerging technologies on companies of the future

Pascal Huijbers, Leader of entrepreneurial digital transformation and Chief Technology Officer at the Conscia Group


Story of the first Croatian tech unicorn

Roberto KutićCo-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Infobip


Is the Slovenian startup ecosystem strong enough to generate another unicorn?

The round table hosted by Mark Kalin will be attended by:

- Dr Emilija Stojmenova Duh, Minister of Digital Transformation,
Nina Dremelj, President of Business Angels of Slovenia and Investor,
Nejc Novak, Lawyer, Founding and Managing Partner at Nlaw,
Mic Melanšek, Co-Founder at Hooray Studios (Little Heroes),
Luka Pregelj, Founder and Director at CirrioSoft,
Julien Coustaury, Managing Partner at Fil Rouge Capital and Investor.

The sponsor of the round table is Radenska.


Leadership through changes – How to adapt and support your team?

Dorottya SallaiLondon School of Economics and Political Science