The main meeting of managers in Slovenia

The Management Congress is the main annual event organised by the Managers' Association of Slovenia, attended by more than 350 Slovenian managers each year.

The Management congress is the main event of the year organized by the Managers’ Association of Slovenia, attended by more than 350 Slovenian managers annually.

The Management congress is a unique space for approaching the key challenges and opportunities that create the image of a modern business environment in a critical and vigorous manner. It introduces foreign professional experience, considerations and findings into the Slovenian environment. It encourages thinking about the future of Slovenian management and the economy as a whole through varied and dynamic discussions. It takes the incentive for a broad social debate on the type of country we would like to live in and the role we as individuals or communities are willing to take on in order to shape the future of Slovenia. It creates incentives and proposes concrete measures for shaping the business environment which will ensure sustainable progress and prosperity of the environment we are operating in.

A two-day congress which traditionally takes place in Portorož, is therefore one of the most renowned and important business meetings in Slovenia. The participants can choose from a wide array of lectures on selected current professional topics. It is a festive event with the most prestigious management award Manager of the Year and Include.All.

Cooperation – fuel for success

How well is Slovenia doing globally in the battle for employees and the race to transform businesses into intelligent companies?
Why are Slovenians successful in certain fields and why don’t we cooperate more to use our existing knowledge, which could help us become even better?

The topic of this year's Congress of Managers is the fuel for future success: cooperation, human resources, competitiveness, transformation.

Welcome to the Grand Hotel Bernardin on the 27th and 28th of September 2018. More information and application on


Jože Mermal - citat

“I am inspired by the thought of Theodore Roosevelt, which has become my personal motto: “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” I believe that by building connections we can increase our joint potential and that by persisting we can actively bring about changes.”

Jože Mermal

  • Slovenian companies are world leaders in terms of the development of human capital, but they quite far behind with respect to the applicability of their employees' knowledge.
  • Although we have a great deal of know-how, our productivity is 20 per cent below the European average.
  • In recent years, more and more people have left Slovenia. As many as 30 per cent of around 15,000 of these expatriates were highly educated. The number of people returning to Slovenia is lower. Brain drain presents a serious challenge.
  • The demographic trends show that the ratio of working population to retired people will reach 1:1 by 2030.
  • Slovenia is among the winners of globalisation, according to a recent study by the German foundation Bertelsmann Stiftung.
  • The comparison of the index values presented by the Bertelsmann Stiftung and the World Economic Forum reveals a surprising finding. Generally, the European countries with a high social justice index are the most competitive ones. Slovenia ranks high with respect to social justice, but not so in terms of competitiveness. The European countries leading in social justice as well as the most competitive countries in the world are also at the top of the list of countries with the highest rule of law index.