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The highest attendance of the members of the Managers’ Association of Slovenia

The January Gathering is the first meeting of the year for members of the Association of Managers and key politicians in Slovenia. The event, which presents a broad range of content is a symbolic start of the new business year. It is therefore an event full of optimism, new ideas, enthusiasm and expectations.

The January Gathering is one of our largely attended events with a participation of more than 350 leading managers and highest political representatives, ministers, representatives of political parties, leaders of parliamentary groups and ambassadors. This meeting is also an opportunity for professional services to find out more about the work of the Managers’ Association of Slovenia in the past year and its plan for the current year.

Ichak Adizes - citat

“A common mistake people, companies or countries make, is trying to be the best at what somebody else has already been successful in. The reason why it is impossible to win by emulating somebody else is simple: the success equation has already been capitalized.”

Ichak Adizes

The January Gathering is also one of our most honorary meetings, awarding and showing respect to those leaving behind unique legacies in the Slovenian economy. Namely, the January Gathering includes presentation of the Lifetime Achievement Award, the Young Manager of the Year award and the Artemis Award to those individuals whose work and personalities are an important contribution to the economy and who serve as role models for Slovenian managers.

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