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Outlook December 2019 was published in Delo, Outlook's media partner.

Competitiveness, innovation and the path to development agreement

When? December 4, 2019

Where? Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana

Outlook is a new project of the Managers' Association of Slovenia. It's mission is to evaluate the economic situation and policies and thus enable a constructive dialogue and decision-making for the material welfare of Slovenia by increasing competitiveness and productivity, with a focus on sustainability and social responsibility.

Through the evaluation of the economic situation and policies, the mission of the Outlook project is to enable a dynamic discussion and decision-making for the material well-being of Slovenia by increasing competitiveness and productivity, with a sustainable and socially responsible stance.

Therefore, at the beginning of December, the publication Pogled 2020 (English edition: Outlook 2020) was published, presenting scenarios of future economic development, forecasts of economic trends and evaluation of economic policy in Slovenia and the role of professional management in society.

We have addressed issues such as:
• How does Slovenia face the challenge of maintaining and enhancing social well-being in the face of demographic challenges and the threat of climate change?
• What is the path to a development agreement?
• Do economic policy measures promote the competitiveness of the Slovenian economy, increase productivity and enhance social cohesion?

The publication is the result of the work of an expert advisory group - the ZM Observatory of the Managers' Association. Its authors are Dr. Ali Žerdin, Prof. Dr. Verica Trstenjak, Prof. Dr. Dušan Mramor and Velimir Bole, M.Sc.

Arturo Bris2The keynote speaker at the event was Dr. Arturo Bris, Professor of Finance at the IMD Business School in Lausanne, one of the most successful business schools in the world, and Director of the IMD World Competitiveness Centre. Dr. Bris is ranked among the most widely read academics in the world and is especially enthusiastic about global competitiveness, financial development, and macroeconomics.

In the publication Outlook 2020 and at the event we have highlighted:

  • An evaluation of the current economic policy in 2019 in the light of long-term developmental challenges, general economic conditions and current events;
  • Scenarios of long-term sustainability of public finances, with particular reference to demographic projections. We will complement the forecasts of the sustainability of the pension system with those of the sustainability of the health care system and, on the basis of the overall estimated impacts, formulate recommendations and measures to increase productivity and competitiveness along the five points of the development agreement;
  • The issue of accepting inequalities on the basis of merit-based principles of performance and social responsibility will be addressed in terms of linking them with the capacity to strengthen and sustain social well-being in the long term;
  • We will look for solutions for the proper functioning of the rule of law and respect for private property;
  • We will place Slovenia in the context of the challenges of sustainable development, innovation and the European "green agreement";
  • We will directly represent good management practices in Slovenia in the publication and dialogue at the event.
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