We extend the hand of friendship, we build the bridges of partnership

The firmer the parts are connected with each other, the stronger the whole is. The world of business is a world of partnerships. This openness to cooperation is what is reflected in the Manager’s Association. That’s why on the path of developing expert and ethic management and building a competitive economy we combine our strengths, ideas and energy with other individuals or organizations that share their ambitions and goals with us. 


We build close partnerships and cooperation with the following organizations:

In details

»People use the argument, since they do not know anything else, but this is not constructive. We should make an effort to get to know somebody else’s point of view. We should explore the matter and not set ourselves up against the others.«

dr. Edward de Bono

CEC European managers

In 2000 the Manager’s Association of Slovenia was one of the first management organizations of transition countries that got accepted to CEC European managers.

It represents around one million managers in Europe through its national and sectoral federations. European Commission recognized it as cross-industry social partner organization; as the independent and autonomous voice of managers the organization makes sure that the interests of managers are taken care of. In Manager’s Association we represent the voice of Slovene managers in a wider European space, and at the same time we spread the words and initiatives of European management in Slovenia. 

More information on CEC European Managers is available here.

»The moment you become a part of a team you mostly need the ability to cooperate, since it does not work without giving and receiving help, being open to one another and without empathy. That is why we first have to evolve as people and only then as experts.« 

Milan Matos

Summit 100

In October 2011 Manager’s Association of Slovenia, Serbian Association of Managers, and Croatian Managers’ Association organized a unique business gathering of managers in Southeast Europe, the first of its kind in the region.

Our goal was to establish a strong cohesive force of economic integration in the future and to contribute to the political efforts for the advancement of relationship and life in the region. From that year onwards we have organized a yearly conference SAMIT 100, the largest regional managerial and economic conference, which in one place combines leading businessmen from the countries of the Southeast Europe. 

More information about Summit 100 is available here