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Why become a member?

The company of Slovenian managers and the knowledge base, which serve as an inspiration for our work, are part of the community creating the future of Slovenia’s socio-economic environment. Join us and share your joy of achieving business successes while making the best out of all the benefits the Manager’s Association of Slovenia offers its members.

A success is only as big as the company you celebrate it with.

Basic benefits

The yearly membership fee of the Managers’ Association of Slovenia is 270 EUR. You are welcome to join us.

Become a member
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  • attendance fee for the January Meeting
  • free attendance at all the events of our sections



  • attendance fee for the Quick Schools
  • 3 attendance fees for Get Acquainted Meetings
  • 3 issues of the MQ Magazine



  • A regular newsletter by the Managers’ Association of Slovenia



  • professional participation in our working groups