General Assembly

General Assembly is the highest of the governing bodies in the Association and it consists of all of its members. It is responsible for:

  • the conclusion on the agenda, the election of the working presidency and other bodies of the General Assembly,
  • admission of the activity reports and work programs of the Association,
  • adopting of the financial plan and the yearly report of the Association,
  • election and dismissal of the Management Board members, Supervisory Board members, the Honorary Tribunal and the president of the Association,
  • deliberation and conclusion on the reports of the Management Board, Supervisory Board and the Honorary Tribunal,
  • deciding on appeals against decisions of the Honorary Tribunal,
  • accepting, changing and supplementing the rules and other acts of the Association,
  • deciding on the dissolution of the Association,
  • making decision on other matters, in accordance with the acts of the Association and matters, proposed by governing bodies and Association’s members in accordance with the purpose and objectives of the Association.

Function of the General Assembly is defined by the Rules of the Manager’s Association.