Professional Team


The professional team represents operational and professional support for the operation of Manager’s Association. Its operation is defined by the Rules of the Association, in the context of program tasks it deals with:

  • professional support for the protection of managerial interests,
  • efforts to develop managerial profession,
  • conducting research in the field of management,
  • lobbying with the authorities,
  • international cooperation,
  • promotion of the professional organization of Slovenian management,
  • informing members about the activities of the Association,
  • providing part of the financial resources needed for the operation of the Association. 
Executive Director
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Saša Mrak

Executive Director

Saša Mrak, MBA, has rich experience in management, HRM and public relations. Currently, she is the Executive Director of the Managers Association of Slovenia. Its members represent 1/3 of Slovenian Economy income. By actively participating in shaping the economic environment in Slovenia association is co-creating the growth of competitiveness in the Slovenian economy and thereby helping to shape the Slovenian society. Saša Mrak is representing Slovenia in European Managers network - CEC European Managers, is an Ambassador of Diversity in Slovenia and Ambassador of Knowledge. She is the author of many articles in the field of people management, human capital, and competitiveness. On behalf of the Managers Association, she is a member of the Expert Council on a Competitive and Stable Business Environment of the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology. She participated in various committees through which best practices in human resources management and management are identified, including the Manager of the Year and the Lifetime Achievement Award in Management, Socially responsible business practices, the Golden Thread national research project of best employers. Among other things, she was the editor of the daily newspaper topic »Employment & Career«, together with the team she developed and led for several years the project of researching and measuring the quality of relationships in the Golden Thread project, which annually announces the best employers every year. She was the editor-in-chief of HR&M, the only professional magazine for the development of organizations and people at work, the project manager of the HR&M conference, head of the program committee of the StRast2017 leadership conference and head of award »HRM project of the year«.

Members of Professional Team
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Sonja Vidonja

Executive Director Assistant

Sonja Vidonja is an economist with a graduate degree in Sociology and serves as an assistant to Executive Director. Her tasks include project management of the largest events of the association and assistance in carrying out minor events, care for the implementation of sponsorship contracts, cooperation with partners and search for sponsorship funds.

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Diana Jecič

Professional Assistant for membership and secretary of the Section of young managers

Diana is in charge of Association’s memberships and recognition plaques, awarded by the Association in cooperation with foreign management organizations. She is a member of the scholarships committee (scholarship fund) and the right-hand of the president of the Section of young managers. 

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Enej Kirn

Professional Assistant for law 

Enej, a lawyer, who passed the bar exam, is with his expertise indispensable in the field of labor law. He is the only male in the office and offers support in carrying out the events. 

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Maja Mandoska

Professional Assistant for membership

Maja is in charge of development and execution of the membership strategy in the Association, which ensures the growth of the membership numbers. She is also responsible for the marketing of the MQ magazine; she manages CRM system and is indispensable in organizing the events of the Association. 

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Nastja Modec

Office Manager

Nastja manages the experts and financial administration and with it takes care of the smooth functioning of the team and the executive director. With her reliability and precision she is extremely important in organizing the events.

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Nina Oštrbenk

Communication Manager

Nina is in charge of smooth communication with the internal and external public, she is also in charge of media analyses, running a website and social media.