Professional Team


The professional team represents operational and professional support for the operation of Manager’s Association. Its operation is defined by the Rules of the Association, in the context of program tasks it deals with:

  • professional support for the protection of managerial interests,
  • efforts to develop managerial profession,
  • conducting research in the field of management,
  • lobbying with the authorities,
  • international cooperation,
  • promotion of the professional organization of Slovenian management,
  • informing members about the activities of the Association,
  • providing part of the financial resources needed for the operation of the Association. 
Executive Director
Petra Juvancic6

Petra Juvančič

Executive Director

Petra Juvančič is the Executive Director of the Managers' Association of Slovenia and the Editor-in-Chief of MQ Magazine. Prior to this position, she was a long-time Director of Corporate Communications at insurance company Vzajemna. She was also active in the Slovenian Insurance Association, where she chaired the Consumer Awareness and Communication Committee.

As an expert on health systems, she also participates in the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham), where she is a member of the Committee on Health and Quality of Life. She is an experienced organizer and moderator of professional conferences, round tables, and consultations, and also participates as the author of The Guest Pen in Delo newspaper. In 2018, she received the international ProPR Award. She is this year's program manager of the 23rd Slovenian Conference on Public Relations within the Slovenian Public Relations Association (PRSS).


Members of Professional Team
zm portreti16

Sonja Vidonja

Assistant Executive Director of the Managers’ Association of Slovenia

Sonja Vidonja is an economist and hold a bachelors degree in sociology. She is the right hand of the executive director and a master in organisation of events, which is why she has been entrusted with organising the largest events of the association, such as the Management Congress, January Meeting, Outlook and MQ Conference, which are breaking records every year.

By being the first voice of the sponsors in the association, she diligently takes care of the implementation of sponsorship contracts, cooperation with partners and raising sponsorship funds.

foto Diana3

Diana Jecič Beno

Head of MAS' awards and Secretary of the Young Managers' Section

Diana Jecič Beno is the Alpha and Omega of all awards conferred by the Managers’ Association of Slovenia: Manager of the Year, the lifetime achievement award in management, Include.All, Artemida, etc. Since she is inclined to recognising and rewarding excellence in management, she is also a member of several commissions, including for the Young Manager of the Year award, the Talent Fund, the ASI – older-friendly company project and the Best Business Book project.

She is the right hand of the president of the Young Managers' Section. She establishes and maintains contact with members, and initiates, implements and interprets the association’s surveys. She puts a lot of emphasis on values, which is why she is also active in the field of ethics in the association.

zm portreti9

Enej Kirn

Head of Law and Secretary of the Female Managers' Section

Enej Kirn, a lawyer who has passed the bar exam, is an indispensable professional assistant in the field of labour law. As the secretary of the Female Managers' Section, he promotes the efforts to achieve a greater balance of managers in companies, while successfully coordinating the work of women managers and being a great support in the organisation of club events.

He has taken over the role of technical coordinator at the association’s events, becoming an unstoppable force together with Vidonja. He is also increasingly active in the economic and political fields.

foto Maja2

Maja Mandoska

Head of Membership

Maja Mandoska knows our membership the best, the majority of them by name, adding a personal note to the contact between members and the association. At the same time, she looks after the development and implementation of the membership strategy, which ensures the growth of members of the MAS.

She also manages the mentorship programmes of the MAS – Mentor Network and Joint Mentorship, taking care of the exchange of know-how and experience among members. She is also in charge of the marketing of the MQ magazine and her assistance in the organisation of the association’s events is indispensable, as she watches over the networking meetings for new members and the Membership Pulse events.

foto Nastja3

Nastja Modec

Office and Finance Manager

Nastja Modec’s field of work are all numbers related to the MAS. She manages finances and is in charge of financial planning, monitoring of results, optimisation of operations and attainment of financial objectives. She also provides the maximum support for the executive director and manages her schedule. She is the first voice you will hear in the MAS, as she answers all telephone calls, makes sure that the professional team functions well, and takes care of business administration, personnel administration, technical support, orders and supplies.

Her reliability and precision make her an exceptionally important member in the organisation of events, responsible for the collection of applications and protocol.

foto Nina2

Nina Oštrbenk

Head of Communications

Nina Oštrbenk creates texts issued by the MAS, with which she wants to bring the messages from the association to the membership and public. She creates e-news, posts on social networks and mailings for members, writes press releases and responses from the MAS, edits the website, participates in the editing of the MQ magazine, and is an editor of the MQ portal, taking care of smooth communication with the internal and external public.

Many times, she takes over the role of photographer at the association's events, while she also follows business and political developments and participates in various projects of the MAS.

Rok Hodej

Rok Hodej

Head of Public Affairs and Advocacy

Rok Hodej is in charge of public affairs and advocacy, which among other things includes development and coordination of relations with stakeholders in the public sector and business, following the current developments in business and politics and developing projects and strategies in various fields of interest.