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International section

One of the founding principles of the International Section is to increase the flow of information and to strengthen both the connections between international managers working in Slovenia and also their ties with Slovenian managers.


There is quite a significant number of foreign managers living and working in Slovenia and they are facing similar challenges similar to the ones their Slovenian colleagues deal with. With that in mind MAS is, alongside its’ own activities, organising additional activities just for the needs of members of the International Section. These are:


• organising networking among members,
• mentorhip programe,
• visiting Slovenian companies,
• meetings with top Slovenian managers,
• lectures with foreign specialists.


»Come together«
is a new type of gathering , which was established due to better business networking and exchanging good practices in management. In 2016 we will dedicate four afternoons for reunions of members of International section, where you will be also able to meet new potential business partners.


One of the main challenges of Managers' Association for this year is extended mentorship programme. Foreign managers will have the opportunity to choose a Slovenian peer, whose mission will be to strengthen their business network at no less than three different gatherings.

Forthcoming events of MAS in English language 2016



The International Section is comprised of an influential group of more than 40 foreign managers, working in Slovenia. Current President of the section, also functioning as representative to the Board of Directors is Maria Anslemi, Bisnode Slovenia and South Markets.

Experience of foreign managers that can be used

mariaThe purpose of my term of office as the President of the Section of Foreign Managers is to create a platform by means of which Slovenian companies can use the experience of foreigners, while foreign managers obtain the opportunity to make their experience count. Slovenia is a market of SMEs with merely 4,000 companies whose turnover exceeds EUR 2 million, and 6,000 companies with more than 10 employees. However, these SMEs turned out to be crucial in value generation although their contribution to the GDP is just 20%. In 2013 it even turned out that the profit of sole proprietors is higher than the net profit/loss of public limited companies.

We are convinced that SMEs are the future of this country, but they must grow. For this, they need access to capital, increased managerial competencies and access to wide international markets outside the traditional Balkan region, as well as a supporting legal and business framework. Therefore, The Section will especially focus on these areas and try to be a lever for international experience, provide the best practices, a networking platform and inspiration for the major segments of the Slovenian business environment.    

Secretary of international section is Petra Svetina. For more information about the section write to petra.svetina(at)