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The Managers' Association of Slovenia is the preeminent managers' association in Slovenia and strives for the protection and progress of the management profession.

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Energy and transport underpin the development of smart cities

There is a direct link between urbanisation and transport. More than two thirds of the European Union's population lives in cities and towns, with the daily use of various forms of transport and technology translating into the fact that urban population consumes 70% of energy. These days, it is difficult to imagine living without transport and mobility. A proof of this is a billion vehicles taking to the road every day, causing not only traffic congestion and disgruntlement among drivers, but representing, above all, a challenge of finding efficient transport and energy solutions that are needed to keep up with our fast pace of life.

Smart cities are the cities of the future. They are innovative, high-tech, energy-efficient, associated with mobility, are environment-friendly, inter-connected and, at the same time, autonomous. Due to a shared history, close economic ties and vicinity, South Eastern Europe is a perfect spot for Slovene experts to become involved in the setting up of smart cities. These, however, cannot be established without efficient and environmentally acceptable transport solutions.

It has been clear for a while that energy development for transport purposes pursues two paths: the first is to reduce CO2 emissions and the second to find alternative sources, much as in other sectors. Fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions have risen by 25% since 1990, a clear signal for the transport sector, which produces a quarter of all CO2 emissions in the EU, to become more environmentally responsible.

Petrol's development and operations are also aligned with the global trends. The Petrol's service station of the future is no longer focused on fuel sales alone, but on alternative fuel and complementary services as well. It is evolving into a point of sale which caters to the demand of smart cities.

Sustainable development, the development of alternative sources to further reduce CO2 emissions and the integration of technological solutions are elements which Petrol recognises as the key to an efficient energy development in transport. We are convinced that only by focusing on and introducing those elements into our daily lives can we build the cities of the future in South Eastern Europe together.

Close ties between SE Europe countries are an excellent starting point for bringing together countries, cities and towns also with regard to the setting up of smart cities. We believe that by working together we can build a smart South Eastern Europe of the future.

mag. Tomaž Berločnik, Petrol d.d.


New president of Managers' Association of Slovenia, Mr. Aleksander Zalaznik: »Ensuring constant growth is the fundamental responsibility of managers«.

On 2nd April 2014 members of general assembly elected new president of MAS. Mr. Aleksander Zalaznik is General Manager of Danfoss Trata and Senior Vice President of Business Unit Controls at Danfoss.

In his program, Mr. Zalaznik focuses on managing companies towards increasing their value, saying: “The fundamental responsibility of managers is ensuring constant growth of profit and cash flow, which enables new investments and new jobs. We have to thrive towards being the best in our respective industries in Europe and around the world.”

The turnaround that the new president wishes to achieve is that the managers would begin to ask themselves consciously and continuously the question: What are we responsible for?
He continues: “It is us, mangers, who are responsible for the development of the companies we manage. Certainly, it is a task of our association (MAS) to remind the state about what influences (non)competitiveness. We will continue to do so determinately and persistently. We are against raising the VAT. We will continue to speak in favour of the social cap and other changes to the legislative environment suppressing economic development. But the emphasis must be on what we can do ourselves as directors, leaders, managers. We are the ones who can pull Slovenia out of trouble. If we want to change anything, repay the loans burdening the companies, we can only do that by earning true money. We can only obtain the latter by significantly increasing the profitability.

Mr. Zalaznik concludes his vision by saying: “We, the managers, are the ones who must and will inspire a vision, courage and ambition in Slovenia. As the President of MAS, I will endeavour for us to encourage the ambition of Managers – with a capital M – to achieve a profitable growth of companies, support sound foreign investments, influence the establishment of a stimulative economic environment, develop our knowledge, and perform the duties invested in us professionally in all aspects.”

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The Association has three new Vice-Presidents

The members of the Management Board and the President Aleksander Zalaznik elected Tomaž Berločnik, Franjo Bobinac and Stefan Vavti Vice-Presidents from among 28 members of the Management Board. They will perform this function for a term of office from 2015 to 2017.

This constitutes the full narrow management, which in addition to the President and Vice-Presidents includes the Section's Presidents Maria Anselmi, Tjaša Kolenc Filipčičand Melanie Seier Larsen and the Executive Director Sonja Šmuc. The first task of the management is to prepare four projects to be discussed by the Management Board, which will in three years leave a mark in the fields of innovativeness and efficiency, ambition and knowledge, support to foreign investments and internationalisation as well as competitive environment, as outlined in the President's programme adopted at the April general meeting.

Project Include.All among top 100 best European practices

By publishing the Manual on Gender Equality in Practice in May 2014, the social partners of the European Union made another step closer to gender equality. The Manual contains e-collection of data comprising 100 best good practices and initiatives for gender equality, adopted by national social partners and/or companies in 25 European countries.

The European Confederation of Executives & Managerial Staff - CEC, a member of which is the Managers' Association, participated in the preparation of the Manual on Gender Equality in Practice by submitting examples from France, Italy, Greece, Denmark and Slovenia. As an example of good practice the Manual states the Include.All project, which is implemented by the Managers' Association together with the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities.

EB meeting: How to increase profitability?
The first meeting of the new Executive Board, held on Monday, 19 May at the IBM Innovation Centre premises, was conducted in a slightly unconventional manner. "Why shouldn't the debate be framed differently, in a team-like spirit?" said president Aleksander Zalaznik, inviting colleagues to engage in teamwork.

The debate was sparked off by Prof. Dr. Maja Makovec Brenčič from the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana with a lecture on competitiveness, and Marko Srabotnik from Bisnode who presented a profitability analysis of companies managed by EB members as compared to the entire business sector and all companies managed by Managers' Association members. In continuation, EB members have split into four groups working on a specific challenge of how to boost the ROE of Slovenian companies from 0.8 to 5% within three years. The proposals presented will serve as a starting point for working groups to be established in four thematic areas by the association's leadership. All members will be invited to participate!

The winner of the lifetime achievement award is Stojan Petrič

At its April general meeting, the Managers' Association also bestowed the award for lifetime achievements in the area of managementfor 2014. It was given to Stojan Petrič, President of the company Kolektor Group, which he and his colleagues have developed into a "small multinational corporation" within two years.

Upon the receipt of the award, Stojan Petrič who, upon his retirement in the beginning of October, will assume the function of the president of the advisory committee of the Kolektor Group, explained that the award also means a commitment to justify it in these difficult times. His biggest award is the sound performance of the Kolektor Group with clear and transparent corporate governance: "We have a vision, money for new investments, high targets and a specific strategy. We do everything on that basis, and that makes us successful."

In the last 40 years, the Kolektor Group has always operated at a profit, paid the salaries and all contributions within the deadlines, and there has never been a strike. He called for greater harmony and integration to achieve economic growth which, in his opinion, Slovenians are able to attain.


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