novicaAlways leaving a mark
I have always looked for talent when hiring people. Because it is the spark that lights the fire in their eyes and spurs the passion to the daily work they perform. A company who looks out for talent is a better place to work for. Hiring those who possess it makes the workplace energized and filled with passion that connects everyone with a sense of purpose. 

However, it is true that talent is not taught and it is not the only thing that makes the best manager out of a person. It should be complemented with being teachable so one can learn how to identify and search for more talent inside him or herself. Meaning getting to know yourself better, observing other people's talents, consuming knowledge and information and staying up to date with all the trends in the industry. The inner talent is what gives shape to the passion that makes her or him wake up in the morning and go out taking decisions and shaping visions for the company. 

A talented manager is an excellent executer, a fast thinker, taking initiative while performing his or her job excellently. They always look out for others: creating an environment where their talent is identified, fostered and used to maximum efficiency. Try looking at most of the best companies worldwide. Or even yours. We are always able to identify the talented people – they have always been noticeable, always leaving a mark. 

Saviola Shahollari, CEO – BAITS Albania shpk, prejemnica štipendije v okviru Sklada za štipendiranje